Get an Image Makeover

Our Image Makeover Workshops are a fantastic collaborative learning experience. We train / groom - individuals, entrepreneurs, corporates and educational institutions including schools.

Below are our standard Image Consultant Workshops details which have done exceedingly well. Customised workshops with bespoke agenda can be arranged on request.

Our Image Consultant Programs

For Individuals

Get the Right Look

Whether you need help with a new hairstyle, makeup, or color analysis – or you want to work with an image consultant privately – you’ve come to the right place.

Get an Image Makeover

Corporate Workshops

Our best corporate image consultants work overtime to maximize your organization's impact, visual presence, and social behavior.

Get trained from some of the best corporate image consultants in Mumbai and Singapore.

Corporate Programs

Group Workshops

Our group workshops are a fantastic collaborative learning experience in Image Makeover.The groups are usually kept at a size small enough to ensure individual attention and big enough for participants to leverage from each others experience and perspective.

Image Consultancy Workshops

Educational Workshops

We offer various value-added workshops to build the character of students, smartly deal with imparting good manners for kids as well as indulging etiquette for kids in schools and colleges for their better tomorrow

Workshops for Educational Institutions