Group Workshops

Our group workshops are a fantastic collaborative learning experience.The groups are usually kept at a size small enough to ensure individual attention and big enough for participants to leverage from each others experience and perspective.

Below are our standard workshops details which have done exceedingly well. Customised group workshops with bespoke agenda can be arranged on request.

Frustrated to Fabulous

As the name suggests, are you frustrated looking at your wardrobe, does dressing up stress you out, looking to modify shopping habits or want to know more about styling & accessorizing and much more?

This is a Two-days concise workshop on how to understand your personal style, create a unique style for yourself, understand your body shape, your colour personality, styling hacks, accessorizing techniques, what lingerie to wear and how to experiment with a particular style.

Style over Fashion is our mantra and we will train you creating that unique style for yourself.

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Colour Spells Confidence

Pink with blue? Grey with orange? So many clothes and accessories to coordinate from

shirts to ties and stoles to shoes. How does one get the perfect color combination right

each time? We will drive away your combination blues and ensure that you are always coordinated!

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Inner comfort, outer confidence

Need we emphasize on how important it is to have the right kind of innerwear? And yet many of us struggle with finding the right fit between comfort and style; utility and fashion.

This is one of our fast selling signature workshops where we take you through the basics of ‘Foundation Wear’ and how it has a significant impact on self-image.

Get a complete low down on what inner wear goes with what kind of outfit, Indian and western. You won’t have to worry about a strap showing or a visible innerwear line, ever!

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One Notch Above

You are your brand. It is critical to making a good impression whether in a social gathering or a business meeting.

Professional success depends to a considerable extent on what you wear and how you present yourself!

Learn how to build your professional brand, keeping in mind various nuances of dressing, from formal to business casual. Pick up an idea or two on savvy life skills, networking for better business relationships, building a professional wardrobe and hacks on how to look stylish.

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Style Up

There is only one high style. Yours! While it is very easy to imitate latest trends and jump on the fashion bandwagon, what really brings out the best is a style that suits you.

Bid goodbye to days of having to stare at a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear and say hello to good shopping habits. Now, we all need that, don’t we?

In this unique workshop, we will help you arrive at an exclusive style after a thorough analysis of your lifestyle, body shape, personal style and share quick styling hacks.

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I am more than my body

What is beauty? Far from being a physical manifestation, it is a function of how we perceive our bodies. And we are rarely happy with the way we look, aren’t we?

Move beyond the mirror image and develop a healthy and fitness-oriented attitude towards your body. An image is always inside out.

#Iammorethanmybody is a session specially designed by Jainee to empower people to develop a positive body image.

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Let’s Redefine Yours & Craft An Enhanced Impression

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