Know My Journey

“About me”… I find this part very cliched, what is about me. How can I share who I am, my experiences, philosophy, values in life with just a few sentences?

However, I know as a future participant to my image consulting course or client for my image service or as someone who wants to know before they start reading my blog, you have a right to know who I am.

I call my story “Headhunter to a Headturner”I got married at 22, was really happy, like a dream come true, because getting married seemed like the only possible dream 12 years back. My father in law pushed me to go out and work, he said what will you do at home whole day, go work part-time somewhere. Little did I know that a part-time job will become a full-time job soon, which I will enjoy. I started as a junior recruiter with an HR firm and after 8 years, left as a Head Hunter for AVP’s and above. Used to love my job, the interactions, the action, the trend forecasting of jobs. However exciting my job was, I could not see myself doing that whole of my life…

Every time I share my small journey, people say it’s very philosophical. I was in the US in 2007 when I saw an Image Consulting firm in New York and wondered what they actually did. Somewhere the imagination I built within me made me feel attracted to it and inspired me to read and research about it… and the more I understood its power, the more it felt right.

So when I came back, I started that business under a different name in 2007… but had to shut down in 6 months – because maybe Mumbai was not ready and neither was I, coached enough for it I guess. So then I did a certified course on Image consulting and restarted my firm in 2011.

That’s how I entered image consulting… because a hoarding attracted me and it felt right… Sometimes something just feels right, you know.

My first venture’s name was “Image ReDefine”, and now Image ReDefine is part of umbrella services that “Imagedge Academy” has to offer. Excited for this phase in my professional journey, growing from a small boutique image consulting firm to a full-fledged image servicing firm.

There are many phrases that have been used to describe my work in the last half a decade… But what I really am, is a person who has a passion to get every individual portray their best authentic image – with a focus on appearance – for more often than not there is nothing more powerful than the impression of the first look. My motto is “Refuse to be unseen”

With that thought in mind, I will leave you to it.

Jainee Love,

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