Schools & Educational Institutions

Educational Institutes always try to provide a comprehensive and holistic education in shaping the growth of students. Many times due to the extensive curriculum, it becomes tough to nurture essential values to students which can be initiated by arranging proper students training & development programs.

With Peer Pressure, Social Media hazards or Movie influence in their age makes it further difficult to make students understand about a positive body image. It is at this age that they start forming perceptions about their self and what they see and perceive in the outside world.

We offer various value-added workshops to build the character of students, smartly deal with imparting good manners for kids as well as indulging etiquette for kids in schools and colleges for their better tomorrow which is tricky to be dealt with in current education structure. We specialize in instilling values to children of the high school, higher secondary levels, and colleges. Our signature workshop on positive body image “#Iammorethanmybody“ is sought after by parental groups and we are introducing this to the schools and colleges as well.

Our Sessions Demonstrate

  • How to overcome the fear of the first impression and create a positive impact
  • How power and confidence can efficiently be used to shape up your image
  • The consequences of negative image and how it can slow down progress
  • Managing attitude, etiquettes, develop poise, presence, and confidence
  • Fashion Influencers: their impact, who they are and are they appropriate as role models
  • Dressing for different occasions: School / Social / Casual
  • Building enhanced personal identity, image, and self-esteem
  • Establishing positive thinking, improving focus and creativity

Colleges and Management Institutions

Skill sets are a valuable asset and play a crucial role in one’s career. In an increasingly competitive job market, internships and the first employer your students will join would definitely impact their long-term success.

Our workshops empower students who are on the verge of their study completion and awaiting placement interviews. We are here to fulfill every student’s dream to have a successful placement after their professional education. We specialize in creating positive impacts on the very first
interview itself.

It is essential to building the students in pace with the contemporary business environment where personal development and skills sets go hand in hand. Our experts help students to achieve both their personal and professional milestones with complete perfection.


  • We have successfully served eight years in this field of talent hunt and filled many senior level mandates for companies in the different industry and business domains. This journey of finding the right executives for the corporate has helped Jainee Gandhi to achieve excellence in bridging the gap between the corporate requirements and newly graduated students.
  • Our modules are tailor-made to suit every professional requirement. Our workshops add more proficient value to the students if it happens before the campus interview. We always achieve the targets to meet the standards set by the universities.

Our Services

Group Coaching for Image Management

  • Workshops on various aspects of personality management for students and teachers.
  • Prepare students as brand ambassadors to increase the visibility of the Institute
  • Group discussions and personal interview techniques to enable students gain confidence

Tailor-made Image Oriented Sessions

  • To focus on body language, grooming, etiquette, communication, and public speaking.
  • Training on social networking, leadership, teamwork and professional CV management.
  • Empowering students to deal with peer pressures, fear, anger and stress management

Let’s transform your image to amaze others. By generating a more elegant impression!

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