What is Style FIX?

Style FIX is a mobile application which you can access at your convenience and connect with your own personal stylist for any queries related to clothes, accessories, fashion, styling, wardrobe and much more.

How does Style FIX works

Style FIX connects you with an actual stylist in real-time at ease of your time and comfort.

Just download the app, register with Facebook, Instagram or your email address, put in your basic details and send your query to professional image consultants. It allows you to send pictures and voice messages as well to help you be served better.

We do not earn anything from any brand or vendors – so we never recommend anything for commissions from anyone. We also promise never to sell your data. Hence your stylist on the app and we are unbiased (or rather – are only biased towards you!) and have no conflict of interest.

With our Style FIX App, amongst other things we enable you to:

  • Get custom style advice through chatting with a professional and personal stylist. As they are the experts knowing their style suggestions are forever in your best interest.
  • Get guidance on new dressing style. However, if you already have adequate clothes, have access to innovative ways to style your previously owned wearable items.
  • Get details of visually similar items seen on Facebook or Instagram, just send us the desired item’s screenshot, and our app will revert where you can purchase a similar item.




Why Style FIX?


At Style FIX, we consider that in this swiftly changing fashion world, it’s exceedingly useful to have a stylist’s opinion accessible at your fingertips with the comfort of time as well as place.

Both our vision and mission is to offer friendly, truthful, and proficient style advice, along with providing a personal touch and convenience of technology to our clients.

Styling is not restricted by any shape, size, colour, age or for that matter; styling has no barrier.

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What can I ask Style FIX

We believe in the style that suits you assisting you with shopping and styling advice through our app. Style FIX App can help you with (amongst many other things):

  • Recommendations on latest apparel and fashion style, customized to your taste
  • Guidance on fashion trends, outfit suggestions and what to add to your wardrobe
  • Deciding on what to dress, how to dress and what to purchase
  • Clothing advice for meetings, seminars, events, and travel
  • Searching new clothes for weddings, birthdays and parties
  • Access to on-budget options for specific needs (i.e., find new leather purse under $100)
  • Upload an item photo you like from Facebook/Instagram/blog & find three options that
    fit your budget on where to buy it
  • Receive suggestions on the ideal accessories to add to your new style and look

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